Top THS Parent Resource Picks

Navigating the world of different abilities can at times feel overwhelming and lonely, but it does not have to be. Check out some of our top picks for resources which include everything from blogs and free informational content to scholarship opportunities, social media support groups, as well as educational resources for children and parents.

Scholarship Foundations

  1. The Umbrella Club – A scholarship foundation providing financial support for families in needs of therapeutic services for their loved ones.
  2. Only You Foundation – A scholarship foundation supporting families with financial support for camps, therapies, programs, and activities.

Facebook Groups

  1. CT Special Needs, Parents, Mentors, Sitters, and Respite Care Providers – A Facebook page with a focus on connecting parents to care and resources in their community.
  2. Special Needs Parent Support Groups – There are many groups on Facebook such as “Moms if Special Needs Kids,” “Special Needs Parent Support an Discussion Group.” These pages are intended to create community, friendship, and support amongst parents and families of children with special needs.


  1. The Hangout Spot Blog – A blog for all things social. Topics covered include everything from how to play with your child, to navigating social anxiety and building a socially successful IEP.
  2. A blog for all things parenting…with science. The blog was started by Lynne Paige a mother to two girls and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst on a mission to provide resources to parents about the power of parenting with “behavior tools to save Mom’s sanity.”

Informational Reads on Social Skills

  1. Social Skills American Girl Book Series – A series of easy-to-read self-help books for girls covering social topics such as friendships, navigating drama, handling bullying, and navigating emotions.
  2. Free to Learn, by Peter Gray is a book detailing the importance of play in learning. The book provides compelling historical accounts of learning and how the push to remove play from education, has altered the development of social and educational learning.

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About the Author

Justyna Balzar, M.Ed. BCBA LBA (CT) Co-Founder & CEO

Justyna Balzar has over 15 years experience with learners of varying profiles between the ages of 3 to 18 across multiple settings. She received her Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) certification in 2014 from Florida Institute of Technology, her Master in Curriculum and Education in Applied Behavior Analysis from Arizona State University, followed by her BCBA certification in 2016.