X Marks the Spot

Making new friends can be hard.
We make it easier.

Be a Social Climber

Our unique intake process matches children to one of five levels of play and social development. Children are assigned to “best-fit groups” based upon our formula for friendship potential.

Developmentally-appropriate interventions are carefully designed within each level to address the entire spectrum of social learning, from children who require a developmental playgroup to teenagers learning appropriate social media use.

Considerations are given to age, gender, preferences, strengths, and areas of need.  We identify a common FUNdamental focus for each group, so every child’s individual needs are addressed within a shared learning theme.

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Three Steps to Get Started

Three Steps to Get Started

  1. Download, complete, and submit our screening questionnaire.
  2. Upon receipt, our staff will connect with you to discuss your family’s needs further and schedule an assessment.  As part of our assessment process, we may request relevant records, conduct a structured observation, and ask you to complete additional tools to help us gain a comprehensive understanding of your child’s social profile.  A Functional Behavior Assessment may be recommended if behaviors present a barrier to learning.
  3. Individualized goals and service recommendations will be provided.

If you need more information or assistance in filling out the form, please email us at either hello@thehangoutspotllc.com or call us at 203.354.9257.