Between the Bells

Weeklong intensive social groups for all ages.

About Between the Bells

Between the Bells is The Hangout Spot’s series of weeklong intensive social skills programming that is designed to provide supplemental developmental opportunities for our learners during windows when school is not in session.

The curriculum design of Between the Bells is structured to complement and scaffold with the progress our enrolled learners are already making while also offering our new friends the opportunity to quickly raise and expand their social games!

Key Benefits Include

Between the Bells
  • Building social skills proficiency and fluency delivered through highly targeted, weeklong intensive 2-hour sessions that provide immediate positive impacts
  • Offering deep-dive solutions that address critical gaps and allow for acute focus on specific topical areas and skill sets that are discernibly different from The Hangout Spot’s standard offerings
  • Encouraging bonding and friendship-making opportunities that can only come from spending concentrated time (10 hours) with peers over 5 consecutive days
  • Realizing parents’ desire to maximize the downtime value of their children’s school breaks and vacations
Between the Bells

2024 Schedule and Track Information

February 20th-23rd (4 days)

Track #1
Group Play Time

A deep-dive into the skills you need to be successful, during circle time, free play, recess, and beyond. Focused practice with different types of play such as associative, cooperative, pretend, and others! (distinct groupings available for ages 1-4 and 5-7)

Track #2
Road to Friendship

A in depth primer into all the skills you need to be successful in developing friendships in school, the playground, and beyond. Sessions will be unified by the central learning theme of making and keeping friends and targeted skills will be tailored to match critical skills related to friendship development that align with developmental ages. (distinct groupings available for ages 1-4, 5-7, 8-11, and 12 +)

Track #3
Self-Confidence Booster

A must-participate series that presents a range of strategies for boosting your self-image, confidence in sharing your interests with others, and growing the courage to speak up and advocate for your thoughts, wants, and needs. (distinct groupings available for ages 8-11, and 12 +)

April 15th-19th (5 days)

This week will offer continuations of the track areas from the week of February 20th (see above). Be assured that this week’s programming will be completely unique, and that successful participation is entirely non-contingent on having attended the first week’s sessions.

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Between the Bells

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Between the Bells

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