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New Year, New Routines


New Year, New Routines The New Year is a great opportunity to recenter ourselves, reflect on the past year, and determine the areas we’d like to grow in. While typical cliche New Year's resolutions are associated with signing up for a gym membership and making commitments to eat better, these do not have to [...]

New Year, New Routines2023-01-18T09:51:29-05:00

Successful Trick Or Treating 


Halloween is a fun time to dress up and go trick or treating, but for our little ones it can also be a long overwhelming night, with scary twists and turns, that younger ones may not be ready for. Don’t stress! Here are some fun-filled Halloween tips to ensure a successful and safe Halloween [...]

Successful Trick Or Treating 2022-10-28T06:35:34-04:00

Scheduling a Successful Hangout


Scheduling a successful hangout can be stressful, especially for teenagers who do not have much practice. Here are a few steps you can take to support your teenager in scheduling and executing a successful hangout. If your teenager really wants to get together with a peer or friend, but they are not sure how [...]

Scheduling a Successful Hangout2022-10-13T10:22:14-04:00

Playful or Hurtful Teasing: How Do You Tell The Difference?


When we are teaching social skills, it’s incredibly important to ensure that we are empowering our children with “kid skills,” not “adult skills.”  Teaching our children to interact with each other in not only socially appropriate, but also age-appropriate ways, is critical to ensuring their success.  When it comes to teasing, let’s face it… kids [...]

Playful or Hurtful Teasing: How Do You Tell The Difference?2022-09-29T05:40:06-04:00

SMART Social Goals


SMART Social Goals Writing social goals can be an incredibly challenging task. For starters how do you know what goals to prioritize? Do you pick something out of a curriculum, and if so which curriculum? Do you individualize based on how you see the learner performing socially, if so, how do you know what [...]

SMART Social Goals2022-10-14T12:31:29-04:00

Social Safety with Animals


Social Safety With Animals Animals make great companions. Whether you have pets of your own, have a service animal, visit with friends and family who have pets, or visit animals on a farm. No matter how you get exposure to animals, their presence can have a therapeutic and calming effect. However, it’s important to [...]

Social Safety with Animals2022-06-24T11:26:10-04:00

Tips For Socially Successful Playdates


Tips For Socially Successful Playdates Playdates can be a source of anxiety and worry for parents of learners who encounter social barriers that prevent them from being socially successful with peers. Setting up a playdate, however, is extremely important because repeated social exposure and practice is the only way your learner will be able [...]

Tips For Socially Successful Playdates2022-06-12T07:17:52-04:00

Top THS Tips To Keep Summer Social


Top THS Tips To Keep Summer Social The Summer season holds many exciting opportunities for social learning, from sleep-away camp to pool parties galore, but for children who are still learning the art of making and keeping friends, maintaining relationships with peers during time away from school can be challenging. Fear not, as summer also presents [...]

Top THS Tips To Keep Summer Social2022-05-27T05:35:09-04:00

Top THS Resource Picks


Top THS Parent Resource Picks Navigating the world of different abilities can at times feel overwhelming and lonely, but it does not have to be. Check out some of our top picks for resources which include everything from blogs and free informational content to scholarship opportunities, social media support groups, as well as educational [...]

Top THS Resource Picks2022-04-21T04:53:32-04:00

The Benefits of Play for Parents


The Benefits of Play for Parents At times play is described as an escape from learning, but the reality is: Play is learning. Author Peter Grey illustrates this best in his book titled, “Free to Learn,” where he reviews and provides psychological, anthropological, and historical evidence that supports play as a vehicle for learning. [...]

The Benefits of Play for Parents2022-05-04T10:35:58-04:00
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